BEAUTIFUL SEA GLASS VARIETY! Various Colors, Shapes and Sizes.

$ 5.00 $ 8.50

*ANY PROPS IN PICTURES NOT INCLUDED, (Goblets, Driftwood, Bowls, Rocks, Sand, etc., etc.., however many are also available for purchase elsewhere in our online store!)

Beautiful, Various Colors, Shapes and Sizes of Sea Glass! 

Each order includes Various Colors, Shapes and Sizes!

Size of pieces are 1/4"+ up!

May include odd pieces, not all are flat! Pictures are representative of glass shipped, no two are the same!

Do you make jewelry or decor with sea/beach glass? Contact us with special requests on sizes, shapes, colors and quantities! 

We are always accepting submissions of handmade items to sell in our store! Contact us! 

*We purchase Sea/Beach glass from individuals across the Continental United States. The colors, shapes and sizes vary.

*Due to the Supply and Demand of our Sea Glass we are supplementing our inventory with our own Sea/Beach Glass upcycled from Antique and Collected Special Elegant glass.

We welcome special request color matching, however cannot guarantee any one color.